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Twins Newborn Poses By CrazyMary36jonyHi 

I present to you all the newborn (for ”rezised” toddlers) twin poses I used on Angel’s twins =3 As I promised. They aren’t perfect and because the I use toddlers resized and tons of sliders they look very ”glitchy” that’s normal ;) they should be fine in your game.

Tips: Use alt while moving the sims, because with the resizer they don’t fit right away, the only resizer I use is the 75 %

Please tell me if anything is wrong with anything. Errors like images not showing up on the pose list may happen, I’m trying to fix that at the moment with all my poses but I can’t seem to find the problems so, it’s better if you use codes =3

Seth’s selfie pose was not made to be used with a phone but it can be used =3 the arm is positioned as a selfie don’t worry about that ;)

On the zip folder: poses pose list compatible and not, codes with image and tips.

Download: Media/ MegaDropbox 

I really hope you like them =3! Kisses and cookies <’3!!



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